We seek to give students the best value for quality tutoring services.  We understand that costs are a significant consideration in the selection criteria, so we try to keep it affordable.

How much should I pay for tuition?

As a general rule, senior tutors with more experience are able to command higher fees.  MOE teachers are also highly regarded and are usually more expensive.  See the table below for the approximate tuition rates (per hour) as of December 2014.

Level Undergraduates/Graduates Current School Teachers
Kindergarten $20 $35-40
Lower Primary $20-22 $40-50
Upper Primary $22-25 $45-55
Lower Secondary $25 $55-65
Upper Secondary $28-30 $65-75
IP (Year 1-4) $30 $65-75
IP (Year 5-6) $35-40 $80-100
A Level $35-40 $80-100

* These rates are just an indicative range for your reference.

How do we keep our rates competitively low?

No Facility Costs

We have no need for fancy expensive offices. We simply have an effective workplace environment that allows us to interview teachers and yet is accessible by both parents and students.  This eliminates the need for expensive rental, and we pass the savings along to you.

Clients Drive Our Growth

We primarily rely on the internet and word-of-mouth to reach new students.  We don’t have five-digit marketing budgets and we keep our advertising limited to Google Adwords. This eliminates pricey advertising costs!

Efficient Use Of Technology

Our office makes widespread use of computers and technology to increase productivity.  We don’t have a crammed and noisy call-center when you call in.  Calls and interviews are automatically directed to one of our skilled operators.

Moreover, our website is easy to navigate and allows you to quickly communicate with us or with a tutor.  You can also easily pay your tuition fees online (via Paypal or Credit Card) and purchase materials for the tutor to bring to your home.

Smart Business Arrangements

We have contractual agreements that allow us to obtain exam papers and answer scripts from many of the top schools in Singapore.  Because we photocopy large volumes, we also have special accounts with various photocopying services that allow us to photocopy your materials at very low rates.