Mathematics is an important tool that is used every day. Knowing basic functions such as banking skills require you to know a little bit of mathematics. It is most important that individuals learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

This will give them a solid foundation that they can survive off of. Other skills such as decimals, percentages, and fractions are also used daily.

Our program, Tutor+ will work with your child to help them obtain the most success possible. We have reliable tutors in Singapore that can readily provide instruction for all levels of mathematics. They can also provide support in engineering mathematics, integrated programs, and junior colleges.

Our Math Tutor Eliminates Math Struggles

Does your child need help with computing different mathematic problems? We look beyond your child’s specific area of struggle. Our tutors will also work past these struggles to make the best program possible for your child as an individual. This gives us a chance to get to the base of the problem and work on a plan that will target the weaker areas. Many daily activities require the person to know basic computations. Our tutors will instill confidence in your child and thus, your child will be able to compute them correctly.

Do Word Problems make your Child Anxious?

Rest assured that your child will be paired with the tutor who can best support your student. They will work together to formulate a plan to help your student succeed. Our tutors will work side-by-side with your child and walk them through different word problems. Your child will learn different strategies to solving word problems and will discover a strategy that works the best for them. You will see instant results through test scores and grades on your child’s report cards.

Does your Child Struggle with Applying skills to Higher Levels of Math?

Our tutoring program will help your child feel confident in their grammar skills. They will learn how to apply their foundational knowledge to higher levels. We have the best tutors available. You are guaranteed to see amazing results. If we cannot guarantee it, we would not be saying it.

Maths Tuition for PSLE, O-Level, and A-Level

Tutor+ can help your child to maximise their education and knowledge. Sign up for our math tuition program and watch as your child begins to experience academic success today. Our home tuition agency will match your student with the best possible tutor and immediately begin improving.