30 Apr

Let’s admit it: school can be boring at times. For some students, school is more than just boring sometimes; it’s a chore. You, as a parent, can help teachers motivate your children to actually enjoy their school work.

Find Ways to Relate Lessons to Your Child’s Life
Stay in contact with your child’s teacher to know what they are learning throughout the year. Help your child understand how a lesson in world history relates to her life today. For example, maybe she could imagine how her life would be if she were living in that time. She might create a diary or picture about it.

Keep Records of Progress
Create a visual line or bar graph that shows your child his progress in a particular area of his academics. For instance, keep track of his math test grades over a term so that he can see how he is improving. Put the chart where he can see it every day. Consider putting a visual of a reward he will receive at the end of the term if he reaches a goal. Maybe he gets to have a party with his friends if he maintains a certain average in his math test grades, for example.

Share Excitement about a Lesson
Show your child how exciting a particular lesson can be. If you’re excited about it, there is a better chance she will want to go to school to learn more about it. Maybe you take her to a local museum with an exhibit about it, or perhaps you do an easy science experiment about a particular science topic she is learning about at school.

Praise Your Child
Offer specific praise about how well your child is doing on his school work. For example, you might say, “I really like how you remembered to put periods at the end of all of your sentences in this report. You didn’t do that last time. Nice work!” Encouragement from you means a lot to your child, even if he is older.

Motivating your child just requires you to stay involved in what he is learning at school and offering encouragement and support.