Tutor+ was started by a group of local university graduates.  Our goal is simple.  We connect you to the most experienced and qualified tutors in Singapore within your budget.

Tuition reimagined!

An average student with a tutor performs significantly better than students who learn only through conventional instructional methods. With Tutor+, students and parents easily find experienced tutors within their budgets.  From the time you pick up the phone to call us, to starting your first lesson, we actively guide you through the selection process.

We will ask some simple questions to ascertain the most suitable tutors for you, and then arrange for you to speak with the prospective tutor.  After you have picked a tutor, we continue to monitor the tutors performance for one month thereafter.

How do we select our tutors?

Tutor+ rejects 3 out of 5 tutor applicants.  We only want the very best tutors, and we have a very rigorous selection procedure. All applicants must meet with us, and

  • we conduct a thorough background check (we call their universities and their references).  We also
  • test them on the content they are to teach.  We ask exam strategy questions, and specific question types such as “what does PEEEL mean?” for the General Paper.  Finally, in our final interview, we
  • consider the tutors aptitude towards teaching.  Our interview panel currently comprises two law students and two MOE teachers.  They conduct an assessment of the interviewee’s character and penchant for teaching.  If a teacher is selected, the teacher will prepare the first and second lesson plan and these will be reviewed by us prior to the lesson.

Because of our somewhat stringent criteria, we are not an agency with hundreds of tutors.  We have about 130 full time tutors who work with us under specific contractual obligations, and whom are amongst the most qualified tutors in Singapore.