Tutor+ was created with a singular purpose: to match the most qualified & reliable tutors to students within one week.

Tuition has became a necessity for most students. Not only it is for those who need help in their school work, tuition is also for students who are keen to learn beyond their classroom curriculum. At Tutor+, we understand the difficulty in making the best decisions for your child. And we are committed to fulfilling the needs of our students as best we can. Every child has potential and our mission is to integrate tap on the potential of each individual to help our students realise their fullest potential at the examinations.

For more than 7 years of experience in providing home tutoring services, we understand the different needs of each child. We have worked hard to create a talent pool of experienced and reliable tutors in Singapore. Finding a suitable tutor that suits your child’s learning style and pace of improvement can be a demanding process. Therefore, we have established a one-stop exchange where parents, students and tutors are able facilitate matches. But we are not just an internet portal, you may also come down to talk with us to help in your search for a suitable tutor.

Our tutors have gone through a thorough selection process to ensure that our standard requirement in all our qualified tutors are met. Unlike other sites, we do not have thousands of tutors to choose from, what we are specialized tutors teaching a range of specific subjects.  Our JC tutors primarily focus on teaching the General Paper, Math and Physics.  While our Secondary and Primary school tutors focus on English, Math, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry subjects.

To find a tutor, contact us and we will ask you a few specific questions. The process would take about 10 minutes, and we will ask for your (1) location, (2) budget, and (3) preferred tuition schedule. You will then receive an email/message confirmation while we take about 2 business days to find a tutor in accordance with your needs. You may also view our database (updated weekly) of all tutors within our network. We will get back to you with 2 to 3 tutors within 2 days.  You may view their credentials and speak with the tutors before making an informed decision as to your selected tutor.

We at Tutor+ understand that your ultimate goal is to give your child the best possible chance of performing well at the examinations. Our resources and planning are set up with that in mind.  We look forward to working with you in your tutor search.