The General Paper is one of the most important subjects in the ‘A’ level curriculum — it is a necessary component Universities look at when deciding whether or not to admit you. Moreover, mastering the GP also helps your essay-based exams like economics and other humanities.

It is never too early to begin improving your GP, however, like all language subjects, obtaining a distinction requires consistent practice. It is not a subject where students can ‘burnt the midnight oil’ to memorise essays and expect to ace the GP paper the next morning.

Doing well in GP is not difficult, but it requires a lot of reading, correct analysis of the text (often termed critical analysis skills), and know how apply the paragraphing formats correctly — topic sentence structures, arguments, examples, etc.

Exam Preparation Skills

Most students take tuition to do well in the exams. We understand this.  That’s why our private tuition syllabus closely follows the syllabus of the G.P. Exam Classes, with the additional benefit that 1-to-1 tutors usually are able to move at a faster pace. For Paper 1, we train students to break-down and evaluate the question, draft a mind-map, hash out ideas and issues, formulate an argumentative strategy, and then do paragraph planning. In Paper 2, we teach you critical reading methods. We also show you how to correctly paraphrase “in your own words”, how to write concise summaries, and how to write a correct response to the AQ.

Critical Reading

Reading is the most important factor in improving your language proficiency. Our teachers will train you to read critically, and think analytically. Reading casually allows us to glean information presented by the text. In contrast, critical reading is the ability to evaluate a piece of text for its argumentative flow, its logical premise, as well as to decipher the author’s bias(es) and motivations. Our teachers coach students into intelligent critical readers. We walk students through opinion articles, comprehension passages, and scholarly journals. Students who practice critical reading skills almost always score above their peers in the examinations.

FUN FACT: By learning speed reading, students are able to read at up to 450 words per minute. It takes a proficient student just 3 minutes to read a whole comprehension passage. And the taken to re-read the passage for the summary and AQ is even shorter, at about 2 minutes each.

Argumentative and Persuasive Writing

Writing is the ability to project and assert your own ideas. The ability to write proficiently and persuasively is invaluable. To perfect your essay, our tutors will guide you in the use of grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, transitional phrases, and paragraphing. Learn to write concisely yet accurately to score at the short questions. Your summary and AQ will be content rich and grammatically flawless. With better students, we may impart advanced writing skills similar to those taught in graduate school.