• Tutor+, the trusted name for specialised home tuition in Singapore.

Dear Students & Parents,

We’d like to tell you about how Tutor+ came about, and we’d like to tell you what we do.

Tutor+ has been matching students to tutors for 8 years. It was first started after we, as students ourselves, encountered the arduous task of finding qualified tutors to help us during our ‘A’ level examinations.

We believe that students should not have to be distracted by the seemingly simple task of finding a qualified tutor. Since then, we have been on a mission to bring you the most qualified and effective tuition teachers, by taking the guesswork out of finding a genuinely qualified tutor amongst the multitude of random tutors in Singapore.

We started at the basics.

To distinguish qualified tutors, we had to know the subject matter being taught, and know it well. To this end, we created an Interview Committee comprising some of the most experienced tuition teachers in the profession. Our Interview Committee conducts interviews with new tutors who wish to be registered with our database. In short, we have experienced tutors interviewing new tutors to see if they actually do know the syllabus.

To further enhance the quality of our tutor’s database, we asked students to voluntarily report instances of unprepared or unknowledgable tutors. We also follow-up with students one month after they have started tuition to get their feedback on the teaching aptitude of a teacher. Finally, we contact students after their final examinations to ask how much they improved after taking lessons from our tutors.

Our success in quickly finding qualified tutors for our students has allowed us to serve an increasing pool of repeat students. As more teachers signed up to be tutors, our large pool of tutors also allows us to be stringent in our tutor selection criteria. As our students’ scores improve, we realised we have somewhat attained our initial goal of finding good tutors to teach willing students.

We want to thank you — our inquisitive students, accommodating parents, and the tutors who have worked with us. You supported and trusted us and are the reason we have this incredible new opportunity to help the future cohort of students improve in their studies.

Together with our team of teachers, tuition coordinators, and administrative personnel, we will continue to bring you the same high quality tutors you have come to expect of us, year after year. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Shaun Soo
20 December 2014