Using the English language correctly is vital in making a great first impression. In order to be successful in today’s market, one must be able to show their knowledge of the English language through words and speech.

It is never too early to begin on learning spoken and written English. Words and speech go hand in hand with each other. If you cannot use the English language properly through speech, you will not be able to use it through writing.

Let Our Experienced English Tutors Improve Your Child’s English Skills

Our home tutoring program addresses main English concepts for your child. One key focus is eliminating slang from their vocabulary and implementing proper grammar usage, rules, and vocabulary. Our tutors are reliable and will use a wide range of literature selections. These books will help to show students how reading can be done for enjoyment. We have worked with students ranging from kindergarten up to the college level. Many students who completed PSLE O-level and A-English have used one of our tutors.

Does Your Child Have Trouble With Basic Grammatical Structure?

Our home tutoring agency has a tutor who is qualified to help with just that! We will teach your child proper grammar like punctuation and capitalization. It is also important for the students to master simple concepts such as noun and verb usage, prepositions, and conjunctions.

Is it Difficult for your Child to Effectively Create a Written Selection?

Our tutors can teach them how to write like a professional! The students will learn how to create good essays through following the writing process. They will learn how to plan for their writing using different brainstorming techniques. They will create a rough draft, how to edit their work, and deliver best possible essay and adequately express their thoughts.

Does your Child Find It Difficult to Correctly Speak the English Language?

We also have tutors available to assist with that! They will work with your child to learn verbal skills and perfect them. They will focus on intonation, pronunciation, and vocabulary. The proper usage of vocal skills will be a huge contributor to your child’s future success in written language.

Tutor+ is a trusted tutoring agency in Singapore. They can meet any and all of your academic skills. Contact use today to schedule a reliable tutor and see your student thrive in all English language skills.

English Tuition for PSLE, O-Level, and A-Level

Tutor+ can help your child to maximise their education and knowledge. Sign up for our english tuition program and watch as your child begins to experience academic success today. Our home tuition agency will match your student with the best possible tutor and immediately begin improving.