29 Dec

Choosing a Tutor »

Selecting the right tutor for your child takes some careful thought and consideration. Before you hire a tutor, check out these tips to make the right decision.

02 Dec

How to Help with the English Syllabus »

In 2015, Singapore Primary English Education experienced an important change. The new PSLE English format for assessment began.

29 Nov

Choosing Your Tuition Class »

Selecting your tuition class takes careful consideration. If you’re a parent, make sure you talk with your child about his or her preferences for a tuition class.

29 Sep

Factors in Selecting a Secondary School »

Parents naturally want the best education for their children.

23 Jul

Is Home Tuition Necessary? »

Focusing tuition on a child’s weaknesses is the key to helping him perform well in class.

23 Jul

Why a University Education? »

There are many alternatives available for receiving an education these days, which is good news for those who have not yet managed to obtain a four-year college degree.

23 Jul

Time Management Tips for a Better Scheduled Student »

Time management is a very important aspect in the life of a student. It will give them proper steps and ideas on how to make use of their time wisely.

15 Jul

What to do if your child is stressed about exams »

If your child is stressed about exams, it can cause a variety of physical symptoms that can negatively affect her test performance.

29 May

School Exams cause a lot of stress for Students »

If children don’t perform to expectations parents, teachers, and peers have of them on exams, they may feel like failures.

18 May

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Choosing a Home Tutor »

There are four main types of tutors that you, as a parent, should know about before you hire a tutor.