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Latest Articles

    • Choosing a Tutor

      December 29th, 2015

      Selecting the right tutor for your child takes some careful thought and consideration. Before you hire a tutor, check out these tips to make the right decision.

       Get your child’s cooperation.
      Talk about the area of concern with your child in a positive way.

    • How to Help with the English Syllabus

      December 2nd, 2015

      In 2015, Singapore Primary English Education experienced an important change. The new PSLE English format for assessment began. If you don’t understand the changes, you and your child might be a bit nervous.
      Here are some tips from kiasuparents.com to help you both through it.

    • Choosing Your Tuition Class

      November 29th, 2015

      Selecting your tuition class takes careful consideration. If you’re a parent, make sure you talk with your child about his or her preferences for a tuition class. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision, whether you are a parent or a student.

    • Factors in Selecting a Secondary School

      September 29th, 2015

      Parents naturally want the best education for their children. The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results have heightened the anxiety levels of parents of children soon to be in secondary school.

    • Is Home Tuition Necessary?

      July 23rd, 2015

      Focusing tuition on a child’s weaknesses is the key to helping him perform well in class. Parents don’t want to spend extra money on unnecessary lessons, and children don’t want to spend energy and time studying subjects in which they’re already doing well.

    • Why a University Education?

      July 23rd, 2015

      There are many alternatives available for receiving an education these days, which is good news for those who have not yet managed to obtain a four-year college degree.